My Heritage

What is up ladies and gentlemen. It’s Joseph here! I wanted to talk to you about my Shoshone’s heritage today and upbringing. My full name is Joseph Washakie Lee. Yes, my middle name is after Chief Washakie and its one of the main reasons why I had such an interest in the beginning. My mom and dad both grew up in the Shoeshone reservation in Wyoming.

We are a simple people but with rich culture and great understanding of mother nature. Our language is that of the Shoshoni native tongue.  We are a proud people and we are a peaceful tribe yet we have men and women of great courage who understand the art of war if need be.

I remember my mother telling us the story of how our ancestors of old would have a ritual before going into battle. The men would gather around a campfire, while telling stories of victories and encouraging one another for the battle, which laid ahead. This was very inspiring to hear as a young boy and I remember my friends and I would often reenact out Shoeshone battles.

I Joseph, am currently about to go off to college to pursue my love of medicine. I truly am thankful for the education that I received growing up as a kid and I’m extremely happy with all the perks of being a native! For example, I received a small scholarship from a towing company just for my background alone!

So, yes it definitely pays to be native and I’m proud of it. I definitely am looking forward to paying it forward of course when I become a doctor. My goal is to come back and serve at least 2 years at the reservation and provide affordable healthcare unto my people. It is the least that I can do since, my ancestors sacrificed so much in the past. My heritage means more than anything and I plan to continue to help educate and enlighten not only my future children but also the outside world. May the lord be with everyone and bless you!

Washakie Museum!



Welcome everyone to the Washakie Museum! This is a virtual museum, which gives homage to the late and great Chief Washakie. Chief Washakie was the leader of the Shoshones tribe. His life is legendary and I Joseph, wanted to be able to represent the chief in a way that would help educate the masses. I believe that North America needs to understand and become more educated in the early times of our great ancestors. I see it much too often that young men and women of my age our forgetting about the past. the problem with this is that it teaches this generation so much and helps us appreciate our heritage!

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am classified as having 80 percent Shoshine Indian running through my blood and when I learned about Chief Washakie, I just had to make a little blog shout out to him! My friends think its kind of weird, that I’m so obsessed with history and late ancient art but to each there own. However, this is for my fellow history buffs and anyone who is interested in Chief Washakie and our people the Shoshones!